Annika Salmi Art creates exclusive abstract art and acoustic works, combining Finnish wood, painting and, in acoustic works, high quality acoustic panels. The works and series of works are unique handcrafted individual pieces. Custom-made works and larger sets are made to order according to the customer's space and style. 

The abstract works reflect stories, emotions and experiences. They combine colors and natural wood in a logically illogical way. The wood is sawn, sanded, painted and glued by hand. The colors are chosen intuitively according to the theme of the work. Sometimes dark and shadowy, sometimes in a tropical color palette. The works are suitable for a parade spot in the home, as well as an ecological eye-catcher in public spaces.

The idea of acoustic art was born during a family dinner in our dining room with lots of windows, stone surfaces and some textiles. The echo and loud noises sparked the idea, could I replace the basic artwork with something that could also be functional beyond its period? Hence was born Annika Salmi Art acoustic art. 

Nature is the basis of Annika Salmi Art in many ways. 

The subjects for the works are nature, its stunning colors, shapes, volcanoes, space, deep seas and other amazing natural wonders. Once I have an idea, I explore, read and deepen my thoughts until the whole begins to feel whole and the artistic process can begin. Often the colors and ideas are chosen as if by themselves, according to my feelings, whereas other times they are decided beforehand. 

Wood was chosen as the natural material because my grandfather was a carpenter. The charming smell of wood, the wonderful patterns and the natural material was an obvious choice for me to include in my art. Recycled wood makes interesting works of art, whose past life remains in the art to tell its own story. I use a lot of recycled wood and material whenever I can. However, as I also source wood from local sawmills, I feel obliged to compensate by planting trees for every piece I sell. Tree is a Finnish company through which I provide the customer with gps coordinates and a tree care contract. A lot of trees are planted in e.g. Indonesia where trees are used to keep floods under control, maintain biodiversity and provide habitats for local animals. I want to show by my own example that we can also do good for the planet while doing business. 

Made to Order

In commissioned works, we first find out the client's wishes and map out the space where the work will be placed. We choose the right materials, technique, style and size. We take into account the interior design of the space and can work with interior designers and project managers to ensure that the overall look is stylish. For custom work, half of the fee is charged upfront and the balance is paid upon completion of the work. Installation is the responsibility of the client. For spaces that require sophisticated acoustic calculations, an acoustician will be brought in to consult on the project, which will be included in the project price. 

Shipments and installations

The works are sent either by a reliable courier service or by Matkahuolto. The cost of transport and any returns will be charged to the customer. For the sake of ecology, I hope that products are not ordered and sent back and forth unnecessarily. The works are carefully packaged and delivered to your door. All works come ready to hang on the wall unless otherwise agreed with the customer. In some cases, for example, if you wish to frame the artwork the brackets do not come pre-attached to the artwork but the hangers come with the frame. This will be agreed with the customer separately. When hanging the artwork, a sturdy screw is recommended and should always be chosen to suit your wall. If you are not sure about the hanging, I recommend hiring a professional to hang the painting on your wall. Annika Salmi Art is not responsible for the choice of wall screws and other hanging solutions, so please make sure that the piece will hold up on the wall without the risk of the painting falling off. 

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